2017 World Series Of Poker New Rules and Changes

2017 World Series Of Poker New Rules and Changes
Jun 9, 2017 NEWS

The 2017 World Series of Poker has been a hot topic in recent months, partially due to the introduction of a couple of rule changes, with some being highly controversial that have ever been implemented in this popular competition watched by millions across the globe. Let's find out some of the most significant changes introduced so that you will not be caught off-guard when the competition happens.

Calling The Clock

Earlier, players were allowed to call a clock after some amount of time, generally for a couple of minutes. At that point, supervisor would inquire the dealer if the player has had enough time. If yes, he would be put on a 1-minute clock. A change in rule implies that a player can call the clock on other competitors more quickly and supervisor can put a clock on anyone he feels to be intentionally stalling.

This rule change does open up some issues. Say for instance, if a supervisor gives a player 20 second clock, and the other one 40 seconds, the former one will raise an objection for sure. The official wording states that the clock will be based on the situation which will be the key factor. All this is done to apply brakes on blatant stallers.

Brasilia And Amazon Swap Roles

Gone are the days when the Amazon Room was the dream destination for legend players heading towards it after beating the great ones. From this year onwards, Brasilia Room will be the preferred destination for those in quest of facing the final action. ESPN set will be set up around the featured table along with a couple of featured tables on the outer part. For covering the restarts, probably thirty more tables will be set up. The Amazon Room will be hosting the action on Day 1 with almost 180 tables set up.

General Break Area

The Jack-of-All trades room which previously was home to Daily Deepstack action, satellites and cash games in recent times will turn into a place where players can relax and take a breathing space. A high-rolling cash game lounge has been sponsored by King’s Casino from Czech Republic, with 15 tables to be sectioned in a selected area, where players play, unwind and enjoy the high stakes experience. For those with tight bankroll, the Pavilion’s stage area will transform into general rest area, where they can eat and chillax.

Changes In Declaring Player Of The Year

Previously, this prestigious award was handed out to a player who excels through a major part of poker tournament that includes games ranging from limit hold’em to some wild stuff. From this year onwards, the player with the most points accumulated in a total of 71 events will be handed a seat to Europe’s Main Event. The method of deciding the winner will be based on proprietary formula, rather than Global Poker Index Point Concept.

Miranda Room - The New Home To Daily Deepstacks

The Daily Deepstack schedule will be adjusted with the $135 Daily Deepstack taking place at 7 PM and $365 event at 9 PM will be switched. The latter will still feature a hastened format to get the tournament completed within reasonable time, without extending to the next morning. The Miranda Room will also play host to other restarts as well.