5 Professional Roulette Players To Inspire You

5 Professional Roulette Players To Inspire You
Feb 19, 2017 NEWS

Roulette is said to be one of the easiest games to play, since it’s simply a choice of picking red or black, and some of your favorite numbers. However, there is more to it, and that’s the reason why you see the difference between the general players and the expert ones. A few professional players who were once a rookie have made large amounts of money by mastering the concept over a period of time. Here’s a list of the seasoned campaigners:

Chris Boyd

Initially a software developer by profession, Chris Boyd saved almost a quarter million dollar to spend it all at casinos in Las Vegas. At first he was denied wagering such a big amount on a single spin, however, after some negotiation, he was permitted to bet in the Horseshoe Club that had a minimum wager of $100,000. After practicing a few hands, he was allowed to bear it all in one single spin, and he finally won. This was his first and last gamble he took, and vowed never to do it again.

Ashley Revell

Following the footsteps of Chris Boyd, Ashley also wanted to win huge in a single spin; although at that time he was already a professional player.  He sold everything to raise enough funds for a massive wager at a single spin in Las Vegas. His stake amounted to $135,000, which created a sort of stir among the media, which followed his progress. Ultimately he did win, doubling the amount to $270,000, and just like Boyd, he chose not to gamble again. Later on, he opened his own poker site.

Joseph Jagger

One of the first professional players of roulette, Joseph Jagger hypothesized the fact that no two wheels are alike. He thought he has the ability to guess the outcome of a spin, and many people followed his theory. In case of off-centre, certain imperfections will weight a wheel in favor of landing on certain colors or numbers. His ideas were put into effect at the Monte Carlo, and he ultimately won big by identifying the wheels that were most likely to present a win.

Charles Wells

Leaving a footprint 18 years after Joseph broke the Monte Carlo Bank, Charles Wells repeated the show in the same casino, using the same wheel. After Joseph’s win, it was clear among the casino staff that there was some problem with the wheel, which was brought back again after years of usage. Charles identified this glitch, and took advantage of the situation by placing a large bet. He was already a professional player when he did so.

Gonzalo Garcia – Pelayo

Gonzalo Garcia, a Spanish roulette player made an analysis of thousands of spins in a single wheel to decipher which colors and numbers appear as a result of imperfections in the wheel. He made a compilation of targeted areas, where the ball will most probably fall. Based on the number of nodes, he made a prediction that each number should ideally come up within a normal range and standard deviations from an average of 135 occurrences. Any occurrences above 170 is a result of a flaw.