A Beginners Guide To Playing Online Keno

A Beginners Guide To Playing Online Keno
Nov 20, 2016 NEWS

Keno is a game of chance, and there are no certain set of strategies that can guarantee you a win every time you play a hand. Any such claim is completely false. However, you can certainly get better at playing online Keno, once you understand how the game works.

So, what actually is online Keno?

Keno is basically a lottery game, and it can be played online as a casino that offers this game. A typical Keno ticket has 80 numbers, and you need to choose your desired betting numbers from that bunch. The casino draws 20 numbers randomly, and the payout is decided on the basis of numbers that match. These numbers are the ones you picked, and the more matching numbers you have, the more you win. Hence, the main concept here is to learn how you should get maximum possible matching numbers for every draw. But keep in mind that these numbers are randomly generated by machines, and you never know what might come out next.

Buy the right cards

Keno cards come at various prices, and as a rule of thumb, expensive cards have better payouts, in case you win. But if the opposite happens, you’ll see that bankroll falling down the barrel.  So make a smart choice, and go for a number of cheaper cards, than a single expensive one.  The odds of winning are more when you stay in the game for a longer period of time. It may not earn you a jackpot at once, but the winnings you accumulate over time will be something to boast of.

Make a selection of 4 to 6 numbers

Seasoned players who have been playing Keno since a long time recommend selection of 4 to 6 numbers to have better chances of winning. This mathematical calculation is purely based on probability of occurrence, and it should not be confused with better odds of winning.

Make random selection

As mentioned earlier, there are no calculators to decipher what number combination will fall in place once the Keno machine generates the list.  So, picking your girlfriend’s phone number or your date of birth will not help the cause. Your choices should be as random as possible, and don’t be afraid of repeating the same sequence in the next set.  You can never be a better Keno player, if you put too much thought process behind the number combination.

Claim the bonus, if offered

Most online casinos offer a bonus amount to play with, and you should accept them gratefully. You never know, you might strike gold with this money at the game of Keno, and this bonus can be used to extend your winnings even more.

Go ahead and have fun

This is what you should always aim to do while playing any type of casino game. The word gaming itself means having fun, and successful keno players make sure they are not too serious about any outcome. There is no methodical approach to playing a game as simple as keno. If you are keeping records of the numbers you have played earlier, you are only putting yourself in stress for a useless reason!