Are You Using One Of These Baccarat Strategies To Boost Your Bankroll

Are You Using One Of These Baccarat Strategies To Boost Your Bankroll
Nov 15, 2016 NEWS

Baccarat is one of the most glamorous casino games out there, and is usually preferred by upper class gamblers who are looking to roll high.  But if you are looking to bet a little sum of money, it’s better to opt for online version, where you get a lot of low limit tables to play on. With only 1% house edge, the odds of winning a game of Baccarat are on the higher side. Here are a few strategies to tackle the online Baccarat:

Bet the banker

Three kinds of bets are available in Baccarat: Tie, Player and Banker. It's advisable to bet on the Banker hand, which is an even sum bet.  There is no house advantage in this case, but a 5% commission for the casino. Anyways it's one of the best bets to make, in comparison to the other two. The Player is also a good choice, but if you are in for a serious chance, hold your position firm with the Banker bet.

Avoid tie bets

Popularly known as the sucker bet, the Tie has the worst house advantage as compared to other bets. A huge 14.4% house edge makes it leaning more towards the casino than the player.  Even a beginner will be able to sort out which way to go. Make sure to ignore Tie bets when you are playing baccarat, since the chances of winning a wager in this condition is too less. Although you get an 8-to-1 payout, that’s just a virtual trap to entice you into playing a bet that should be ignored.

Number of decks

The number of decks you play with, is an important factor in determining your odds of winning a hand at baccarat.  Using least number of decks is the best strategy to increase the probability of winning. Normally you'll find casinos using at least 6 decks of cards, but online baccarat games use Microgaming software that allows you with an option to use one single deck. You have to carry out a proper research to figure out which website provides you with such user-friendly options.

Lowest commission

A good winning hand can be a smarter one if you are not giving much to the casino. A majority of casinos will charge you a high commission rate in case you win a bet.  However, you can always find the one with low commissions. In fact, some of the gambling websites offer less than 3% commission fee. You just need to find it out by yourself. By reducing the share on baccarat commissions by every percentage, you are increasing the numbers on your bankroll.

Betting strategies

No one can predict the outcome in the game of baccarat.  The results are completely random, and it does not follow any sort of score card patterns.  You cannot make any strategy to predict future outcome on the basis of previous hands. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that applying betting tactics will help you in mastering the concept. During every single hand, the chance of bet occurrence is the same. As mentioned, the best tactic is to stick with the Banker bet in terms of probability but in reality, it's always best to go with your guts!