Beginner Guide to Playing Casino War Online

Beginner Guide to Playing Casino War Online
Dec 16, 2016 NEWS

There is certainly no rocket science behind mastering a simple game like Casino War. But just like any other casino game, you need to understand the rules and the house edge associated with various kinds of bets. The standard game of Casino War is played with six decks, and there is an equal chance for both the player and the dealer to win on the ante bet. No house edge is applicable to this kind of an even bet, but the opposite applies in case of a tie.

It’s important to note that the house edge increases with increase in the number of decks being used, and goes down when a bonus payout is offered.  Such payouts are generally given when there is a tie after going to war. Say for an example, house edge is 2.42% for a single deck without bonus, and 2.06% with bonus, whereas for 6 decks, the house edge jumps to 2.88% with no bonus and 2.33% with bonus.

What Factors Do You Need to Consider?

Playing the game of casino war is all about understanding the house advantage that the casino has over the players, whether you place a tie bet or surrender when tied. So, in order to play safe, and avoid all the possible risks while playing this game, there are a few points you need to consider.

  • Play a practical game: As a player, you need to have a fairly practical approach towards the game. You have to double your bet in case you have a tie, and things can be worse if you don’t have enough bankroll to fund for it. You may end up losing your original bet!
  • Never surrender: Once you decide to surrender, you are literally giving away the advantage to the house, which drastically rises from 2.33% to 3.70%.  ‘Go to War’ should be your only option, or else be prepared to place a raise bet. Half of the bet is automatically lost when you surrender, and that’s what the casino wants you to do. 
  • Avoid playing tie bets: Even if the house is offering you 10 to 1 payout for winning a bet, you should be wise enough to understand how difficult it is to win such a bet. Tie bets have a house edge of 18.65%, and the chances of winning it is next to none. Hence, it’s highly recommended to avoid a situation where you feel the need to place a tie bet. Just don’t fall for the trap!
  • Don’t rely on betting systems: For a simple and straightforward game like Casino War, you don’t need to buy those over-hyped betting systems that claim to be 100% full-proof.  There can be no fixed strategy for a game of chance.

Trying to figure out a logical pattern behind online casino games is the main reason why most beginners don’t go far in the gaming world. Casino War is the kind of a game that doesn’t require much thinking. Just keep in mind not to surrender when you have a tie, and the results will take care of itself.