Behind the scenes of Casumo Casino

Behind the scenes of Casumo Casino
Dec 9, 2016 NEWS

We had the opportunity to interview Mr Aleksandar Stosic, Affiliate Manager at Casumo casino. Mr Stosic was kind enough to let us take a peek behind the scenes of Casumo. We hope that you enjoy reading some fun and interesting facts about this innovative casino that would be unknown to most players. Please feel free to post comments and let us know if you have any feedback, and what would you like to read next.

Also, if you haven’t tried playing at Casumo casino, please feel free to do so, as they are unique and fast growing casino with excellent customer reputation.

Tell us a bit more about Casumo casino and how, in your view, does Casumo distinguish itself from the other brands in the online casino industry?

Casumo is a company full of passionate people, eager to make things better and to deliver the

best products in the industry. Our mission has always been to design, invent and shape the future of online gambling and social gaming. To do this we focus on creating a unique gaming experience and this is what distinguishes us from other casinos.

Over the past 4 years, we developed a product that has captured the attention of the industry, a product through which we engage our audience with unparalleled design, extraordinary storytelling and an exceptional in-game experience. Our belief is that a different approach can enhance the casino industry and introduce people to a new way of getting entertained.


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How did the idea to start the Casumo casino originate and did you face any obstacles during the process?

The idea to create Casumo started out of our desire to change the industry. Casumo was founded on the premise and belief that technology drives innovation. We believe in our product and as members of the same hive, contribute together to its success. Rather than stick to industry standards, we have the courage and the ability to take a different approach to reach our objectives, challenging concepts and ideas to promote innovation. 

What are the largest markets where Casumo Casino operates?

Scandinavia has always been a core market of Casumo. In addition, UK has grown to be a very important market for us this past year.

What are the most popular games on your site?

The most popular games vary from market to market. Some providers have a better footprint in specific regions. With that said, Starburst is always a popular choice.

How often do you introduce new games?

We are expanding our portfolio continuously and on average we release 20-30 titles a month.


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How are you achieving high player satisfaction rates?

We have created an immersive casino adventure that rewards player loyalty. This has ensured a high level of satisfaction for our players at Casumo. We guide and incentivize players throughout a journey driven by how they play our casino games. Their activity within our site affects their progress in the in-game adventure where players travel between different places and planets, collecting points and getting rewarded with valuables as they level-up.

What is in the pipeline for 2017 for Casumo to improve players’ experience?

In 2017 we want to continue stirring our players’ emotions - emotions are so important when people interact. That’s why we aim to win hearts instead of customers. Our in-game adventure gives meaning, direction and context to the player’s activity within our casino. It creates depth through storytelling and provides alternative currencies that convert invested time and energy into value. This is where we shall focus our efforts for the coming year, perfecting the overall player experience and through it invest in player loyalty and longevity of entertainment rather than simple pay-outs.


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Tell us more about the recent players’ big wins?

In the space of six months, we registered two very big wins. These came both from jackpots, where first a player from the UK won €2.7 million in Mega Fortune, then a few months later a Swedish guy took home an incredible €2.9 million also in Mega Fortune. Apart from these, there are notable wins every week which makes us really happy.

You live in Malta. How do you like a lifestyle in Malta, and how long have you lived there?

Malta lifestyle is really relaxing and I think it’s very unique. Mix of the people, culture and the way of living make it a special place. I have been living here for a year and counting.  


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How do you relax after work?

I usually spend time with my friends, going for a nice dinner in Valletta, St. Julian’s or in Sliema. In addition, I like to cook, so on some occasions I organize dinner parties at my place.

Where do you think the online gaming industry is going? In your view, what do you see as future challenges in this industry?

Differentiation is an industry-wide challenge, since so much of the casino product can be identical from one operator to the next. That's why we continue to challenge the industry with the development of in-house products such as our gamification layer and our unique tournament experience, Reel Races. Developments in regulation will also be a challenge for operators going forward.

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