Best Betting Strategies for Sic Bo

Best Betting Strategies for Sic Bo
Dec 11, 2016 NEWS

The game of Sic Bo originated in China way back at a time when no other casino game existed, and today, it has an extensive presence in Macau, US, and most parts of the world by virtue of online casinos. It’s basically a 3-dice game, in which the dice is rolled to get a possible combination of numbers. The highest paying outcome is a triple, in which the exact same number appears on all of the three dices. While the game of Sic Bo is purely based on luck, there are a few proven methods that can help you maximize your winnings.

Small Bet and Big Bet

When you bet on a combined result of anything between 11 and 17, you are betting big, whereas a bet on combined result between 4 and 10 is considered as small bet. Now unless the dice shows up the same digits on the face, this strategy will win you the bet more often than not. You can further augment your winnings by combining this method with the Paroli strategy. Since you have to simply bet on a couple of specific numbers, this strategy is considered to be a low risk one. As a general convention, this betting method is said to work one out of seven times, so make sure to place the bet at the right time.

Playing Multiple Bets

Rather than just hovering around small and big bets, if you are willing to take some risks, consider playing multiple bets. This type of bet is placed on several possible combinations. Say for an example, if you bet on a triple 2, you can also bet on a total of anything between 4 and 10, while if you opt for a double 5, it can give you a minimum of 11 and a maximum of 16. This strategy will allow you to augment your winnings with large payout rates.  Even if you lose, the losses of the biggest bet are absorbed by the smallest ones!

Betting Directly on a Specified Number

This can be a risky affair, but with very high returns. Instead of placing scattered bets on totals ranging between 11 and 17 or 4 and 10, you can directly target a specified number. If you wish to combine this bet with a double, the amount of payout you can get is exciting, to say the least. However, in order to take a risk of this level, you need to have a substantial bankroll. A chance like this may come to you at once, or you may have to lose several hands before you hit the mark. In any case the payout ratio with this strategy is too enticing to resist.

As a matter of fact, the amount of risk you should take is totally dependent upon your hands-on experience, and the amount of money you are willing to shell out right at the onset of the game. At the end of the day, any casino game should be played for fun experience, rather than a stressful one!