Best Tactics For Tackling Caribbean Stud Poker

Best Tactics For Tackling Caribbean Stud Poker
Jun 23, 2017 NEWS

Often referred to in Europe as the 5-Card Stud Poker, the Caribbean Stud Poker is a poker-based card game played between the player and dealer. There are some variations to the conventional game, but the objective is same, that is to beat the dealer with a better hand. This entertaining fast-paced game is all about playing the cards right and making the jackpot bet for that bonanza amount.

How To Play This Game

Everything happens very quickly in the game of Caribbean Stud Poker. You begin the proceedings by making your bet and there is generally a progressive jackpot in play, which is activated by letting down an extra chip at the beginning of the game. Once you decide your wagering amount, the dealer will deal you 5 cards face down. He’ll also be receiving 5 cards, but one of them will be revealed to you face up. Now you have two options; either to raise and double your ante bet or fold and surrender. At this juncture, a number of cases may unfold.

  • If the dealer qualifies and beats you, you lose twice your original wager, both the ante and raise.
  • You are to back to square one in case the dealer qualifies and you tie
  • In spite of the dealer qualifying, if you have a better hand, you win twice your ante bet and a payout based on how strong your hand is.
  •  If the dealer doesn’t qualify at all, you win twice your initial ante irrespective of your hand. However, there is nothing to be won on the raise portion.

Understanding The Payouts

Payouts are based on the ante bet made at the start of the game. Even when the dealer has qualified, if you win, you get an amount as per the pay table generally displayed on the screen. Standard US Payout Table looks something like this:

  • Royal flush: 100 to 1
  • Straight flush: 50 to 1
  • 4 of a kind: 20 to 1 and others

To be eligible for winning the progressive jackpot, you need to play side bet and put together the royal flush. Other variations offer certain percentages of jackpots for high hands.

Learn The House Advantage In Caribbean Stud Poker

Most of the sources online will tell you that house advantage for this game is around 5% when played with ideal strategy. This doesn’t take into account the player’s choice of when to raise. By following an optimum strategy, the player bets more than twice the normal ante bet per hand on an average. This implies a house edge closer to 2.56% which is denoted as element of risk.

Optimal Strategy For Caribbean Stud Poker

In spite of the complexity involving permutations and combinations, there is a relatively simple strategy followed by top players:

  • Always choose to raise with a pair or higher.
  • With a hand lower than Ace King High, always fold.
  • If you have an Ace-King high, then raise if you have a Queen or Jack, while the dealer’s card is a King or Ace. Also in the case when you have a matching card as per the dealer’s 2 to Queen card.