Blackjack Pro Legend Bill Zender

Blackjack Pro Legend Bill Zender
Sep 17, 2017 NEWS

Bill Zender is a professional Blackjack player who was once a casino executive. At a small age of nine, he was fascinated by the game of blackjack and started playing it. He would sneak into the casinos and play 50 cent tables and also played for pennies with kids of his neighborhood. From such a young age, he made gambling a vital part of his life.

Working His Way Up

He used to work as a blackjack leader in his initial few days, where he learnt about basic strategy and card counting techniques from his co-workers. As he climbed the ladder from being a dealer to a casino manager at the Aladdin Casino, he gained immense interest in learning about different forms of unethical practices at a time when very few people in the industry were aware about it. He was quick to catch the concept of card counting, and was able to become an expert.

Unique Style Of Play

Since he has worked on both sides, as a card counting player as well as a casino employee, he knew exactly how everything functions. The ability to analyze things from both sides of the equation makes him a unique player. He has written a good number of books on teaching casinos how to recognize catch cheaters and card counters. His books are also helpful for players to learn card counting techniques.

He enjoys bet progression using denominations of $25 and $100, particularly in 6-deck shoe games. Back in 70s when he first started counting, he used dollars and reds ($5), advancing to greens later on. To estimate his bankroll requirements, he used to take his expected advantage and split it into 100 parts. Then this product is timed by his average bet and then again by the largest one. Doing this, he had a fair idea of the bankroll size he required.

Card Counting Strategy

Zender became a full-time professional blackjack player after leaving his job at Aladdin Casino. All through his career, he has employed a number of card counting tricks. It all started with the Hi/Lo system, which is still followed by many beginners till date. After this, he moved on to Hi-Opt I and Hi-Opt II, before finally settling on Zen count by Synder. But in the recent past, he has switched back to Hi/Lo system.  He believes it to be a standard one that can be used with high confidence to detect card counters.

Zender is firm on his concept that for different people, there are different card counting tricks that work. While he personally prefers the all round Hi/Lo system, he is capable enough to teach other players to count using Red Seven Count, Knock Out System or any other trick that works.

After being a professional blackjack player for a long time, Bill Zender has now advanced to playing Pai Gow and Pai Gow Poker. However, he is still known for being one of the best authors on blackjack cheating and a qualified teacher as well.