Blackjack Pro Legend Tommy Hyland

Blackjack Pro Legend Tommy Hyland
Jun 15, 2017 NEWS

Thomas Hyland is an expert card counter and professional blackjack player, who is well known for his expertise in unique card counting techniques. He is also one of the 7 inductees into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Here's a close look at his journey to international acclaim as a blackjack legend.

Early Stage Of Career

Hyland began his career in the later portions of 70’s after reading the book Playing Blackjack as a business, by Lawrence Revere. In the year 1979, when he was still in college, he was looking for career options when he got through into the blackjack world. He became quite an enthusiast, and took a decision to make it a full-time profession. As a result, he recruited 4 friends to make an original team with a bankroll of $4000 each.

Beginning the career in the Atlantic City, they rolled off $50,000, thanks to their astute counting tactics. After things were not going right in the Atlantic City for the blackjack players, the team shifted to Asia to continue their play. In the meantime, Hyland kept recruiting people he knew.

Right through the 80’s, he and his team made use of successful counting techniques such as ace sequencing and shuffle tracking to beat the game. By the middle of the next decade, the former technique got his team into trouble as some team mates were arrested at Casino Windsor in Ontario. Even though the trial was meant to be revolutionary precedent as far as prosecuting blackjack players and ace sequencing method was concerned, the judge ruled the other way stating that the method employed by Hyland and his team was intelligent strategy, rather than cheating.

Hyland’s Line Of Attack

Hyland advocates his strategy of card counting and making money as an aggressive one, where the player stands firm and leaves as fast as possible. The reason behind his success has been his integrity, loyalty and ability to encourage and engage his teammates through devotion and faithfulness. He has been a perfect team leader, operating the longest standing blackjack team.

According to him, liberty is the most important thing in a situation of crisis, rather than money. Even though many members came and left through Hyland’s successful career, the philosophy behind the team has always been to stay tight and dedicated to each other, no matter what comes your way.

Currently, he is not taking any active part in the game as he used to do earlier, but still playing on a frequent basis. He has also extended his play in other forms of betting such as advantage sports betting. No doubt, he has earned the respect of being one of the most popular blackjack players of all time, thanks to his loyalty, hard work and responsibility as an advantage blackjack player. He finds immense satisfaction to have played this game for such a long time and to have taken the money away from the casinos. Being a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, he is a living legend and a role model for many upcoming legends who are looking to earn this stature.