Caribbean Stud Poker Guidelines For The Newbie

Caribbean Stud Poker Guidelines For The Newbie
Sep 17, 2017 NEWS

Caribbean Stud Poker, referred to as the 5-card stud poker in UK and Europe, is a one-on-one card game between the player and the dealer. There are some common variations from the standard game of poker, but the objective remains the same – form a better hand and beat the dealer. If you are successful in playing the cards right, you won’t be far from grabbing that hefty jackpot. In case you are a beginner, here’s how it works!

Playing Carribean Stud Poker, The Stud Way!

This is a very fast-paced game with a goal to use poker-based hands and form a better one than that of the dealer. First you place your bet, and put down an extra $1 chip at the start of the game, in case you want to activate the progressive jackpot.  You will be dealt 5 cards face down, once you have decided on your bet. On the other hand, the dealer also gets the same number of cards, with one visible to you.  Now you can raise and double your ante bet, or fold and surrender it. At this point of time, there will be following scenarios:

  • Dealer qualifies, with you having a better hand: Stronger the hand, stronger will be your payout. You get double your ante bet and a payout on the raise depending upon the game’s pay table.
  •  Dealer does not qualify: In this case you take home twice your initial bet, irrespective of your hand if the dealer fails to qualify by having at least king and ace. However, you get nothing on the raise portion.
  • Dealer qualifies and beats you: You lose twice your original bet, losing both ante and raise.
  • Dealer qualifies and you tie: You will be back to square one, as both ante and raise push.

Check out the standard pay table followed in your country to estimate the payouts in the game of Caribbean Stud Poker.

House Edge

Most websites will tell you that the house advantage in the case of Caribbean Stud Poker is roughly 5.22%. But this doesn’t consider the choice of when to raise. With an optimal strategy, the house edge, or more specifically the element of risk, can be cut short to 2.56%

Optimal Strategy

Due to the number of permutations and combinations, it’s hard to tell a perfect Caribbean stud poker strategy. But there’s a simple strategy that comes close to being optimal.

  • Choose the option to raise with a pair or higher
  • Always look to fold with a hand lower than the qualifying hand of the dealer
  • If your hand is an Ace-King-Jack, 8, 3 or higher, go for a raise.

You should opt to raise with an ace-king high hand when:

  • You have a Queen in your hand, and none of the cards you have are matched by those of the dealer.
  •  You have a Jack or Queen and the dealer has a King or Ace.
  • You have a matching card in hand when the dealer’s card is 2 to Queen.