Caribbean Stud Poker Tips That Every Player Needs to Know

Caribbean Stud Poker Tips That Every Player Needs to Know
Jan 30, 2017 NEWS

A game of chance cannot be mastered by a certain set of strategies, but there are always a few handy tips that you can employ in order to beat the house in its own game. Enlisted below are a few tricks that every player should know before playing Caribbean stud poker.

Choose Your Online Casino Wisely

Given the tight competition in the online gaming world, there is plethora of casino options for you to choose from. Different casinos have different bonuses, jackpots and payout odds. Choose the one which has best promotions and odds for playing Caribbean stud online. A smart selection can make a big difference in the long run.

Don’t Bluff

The dealer is probably not going to fold in any case, and hence trying to bluff in a game like Caribbean stud poker can prove to be expensive.

Keep in Mind Your Progressive Jackpot Bet

Nothing can be more frustrating than forgetting to put on your dollar bet, in case a royal flush is dealt. That would mean a huge amount going down the drain because of a silly mistake!

Make Wise Selection of Ace King Hands

As a general rule of thumb, raising every hand containing an ace and a king is not that risky, but being selective helps you in maximizing the winnings.  Say for an instance, the best situation is when you have a high hand in the form of A-K-Q-x-x, where one of the x cards is exactly same as the up-card of dealer. However, a hand with A-K-Q is generally the one to raise in most cases.

Choose to Raise With At Least a Pair or Better

If we go by the statistics, a pair has better chances of beating the dealers hand than losing. Therefore, it is advisable to raise with a pair or something even better.  Even if it is as low as a pair of two, go for it!

 Don’t Get Carried Away by The Ace High

Situation where someone hits the ace high such as A-Q-J-T-2 lures him to raise, with an assumption that there is a better chance of winning. However, this may not be the case every time, no matter how good it looks. At the best, you can win on the ante, since the dealer won’t be paying the call bet unless it’s A-K or better.

Know the Cards You Are Holding

Most people get too excited at the first look of their cards, assuming they have a flush or something like that. This entices them to place the raise bet, only to be disappointed at the end. It’s always advisable to double check your cards before taking any decisions. Remember, the software doesn’t refund for human errors.

Don’t Let Emotions Play with You

You might hit a winning streak some day, while the dealer may hit on the other. Never let the emotions play a part in how you decide to strategize a game of Caribbean Stud Poker. The key is not to get carried away with too much fear or complacency.