How Do The Supercharged Wins Work On Slotty Vegas Casino

How Do The Supercharged Wins Work On Slotty Vegas Casino
Feb 10, 2017 NEWS

Just like the term "Supercharged" sounds, there must be something fascinating about the offer. Well, the concept of supercharged wins is exclusive only to Slotty Vegas Casino. But what exactly is it? For every winning round you make at this particular casino, there are additional funds added to this balance to give you the required boost to play further with confidence. Sounds great, isn’t it? Let us take an overview of how it influences your progress!

Bending the Luck in Your Favor

If you haven’t found much luck with the wagers placed recently in any of the games offered by the casino, the supercharged engine will take note of that, and bump up your rate to reward you in the next winning rounds, so as to compensate for the unfortunate losses in the past hands. This literally implies that your winnings are supercharged, negating the lost cause to a higher extent.

Elevation in Player Rank

The more loyal you are to the casino, more the chances of grabbing some massive wins in a few spins. As a member, everyone is entitled for supercharged winnings, but if you keep your faith in the system, you are probably going to benefit more in the long term. Be amazed to enter a world full of big wins!

Higher Rates for Selected Games

The games that you choose to play are taken into account for the purpose of offering Supercharged rates, higher in comparison to the others.  For example, some of the slots may have the potential to earn you double-fold, given the high rate tagged on them, although the house edge can vary as well.

Promotions and Bonuses

Always keep an eye on weekly or monthly promotions, where you get a chance to grab Supercharged winnings with an increment of up to twice the default value. This could mean a difference between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, in case you keep hitting the golden luck.

Adding this lucrative feature to your winning rounds implies that you are entitled for a 30% extra payout on each of the games, as compared to other casinos. You get a chance to play 60% better paying slots, which is difficult to find anywhere else.

It is to be noted that both bonus and real money add towards the Supercharged winnings balance. There are no fixed wagering requirements you need to fulfill prior to withdrawing a certain amount, and the balance becomes redeemable every single week on 2 checkpoints. This basically happens on Tuesdays and Fridays, with the amount available for a maximum of 7 days from releasing.

Register today at the Slotty Vegas Casinos, and try your luck at some of the high-payout games, with lots to extract. At the end of the day, the idea is to have a fun gaming experience, and to fuel up with some extra cash is like an icing on the cake. Get supercharged with an exciting list of games available to suit players of all interests and abilities!