How To Make The Finish Line For Your Poker Tournaments

How To Make The Finish Line For Your Poker Tournaments
Feb 7, 2017 NEWS

Poker is a fun game, and if you start making some serious cash at the tournaments, it becomes an obsession, but the same thing can turn your world upside down, especially when you exit from the final table. Most of the players lack ‘End Game’ strategy, which deprives them of grabbing a position in the top three. Here are a few ways to help you cross the finishing line, when competing in poker tournaments.

Shift the Gears Accordingly

It’s important to put yourself in a commanding position right from the start, making sure you are not bleeding the chips right away. Once your ante kicks in, step up your aggressive mode to steal the blinds and pressurize your opponents. Unless you have a great hand in the early stages of the game, avoid massive pots in order to be in a better position in the later stages. Look out for the easy chances given by your opponents, and grab the chips at small blinds. 

Make Careful Adaptations

It’s basically in the last few tables that you need to make certain changes in your gameplay, when playing with empty seats to the right or left. You’ll have to get used to a table where you are one of just 6 or 7.  The key factor here is the aggression, and how well you utilize your position. With just a couple of tables left, the aim should be to win, rather than trying to make the final table. Get to know your potential key opponents better, by keeping an eye on what the other table is trying to do.

Don’t Get Too Cautious

When you are running up a big stack, it feels great to be in total control of the game, but this kind of confidence is rarely observed on a final table, where the players get too cautious with their hands, spotting every action by their opponents. This is the time to step up your game, so as to make yourself the point of ultimate focus. Don’t fall into the trap of end-game patterns, and be careful about how often and when you fold. Always keep an eye on your stats, and see how you are playing each opponent, and how they behave in each other’s company. Let the other players damage themselves a little, and know which combinations will most probably lead to elimination.

Go for the Deal or Not?

By the time you make it to heads-up, you’ll come to know a lot about your opponent, whether they are tight or wild, or how have they been playing against you. Recall back their behavioral trend up to this point, and exploit their natural pattern to weight the advantage in your favor. Ramp up your aggression, and pressurize your competitor, until you have the edge in chips. Be as attacking as possible in the concluding stages of the tournament, and you are sure to be the only one sitting on the table. Defense should never be the strategy in the end game mode.