How to Maximize Your Chances for Playing Progressive Slots

How to Maximize Your Chances for Playing Progressive Slots
Dec 11, 2016 NEWS

It is true that slot machines are very difficult to predict. You may take weeks and months to hit a jackpot, or end up hitting it twice in a row.  Each and every spin is independent of the preceding one, and no one can analyze what’s coming next.  The best slot machines are the ones with at least 96% payout percentage, and this number is of high significance when you consider playing progressive slots.

What Is the Concept Behind Progressive Slots?

A typical progressive slot machine allows you to place bets, out of which a certain amount is stacked into a big jackpot that keeps increasing till the time someone hits it. In order to hit this jackpot, you need to get 5 identical symbols on the same payline, which is extremely difficult. But in case someone finds the golden luck, there are some serious winnings to be made with these progressive slots.

How to Tackle the Game

Playing with progressive slot machines can be an exciting stuff, but you need to count in a few factors before going berserk.

  • You should play a progressive slot only when he has the capacity to bet maximum on each spin, since the real purpose of qualifying for the big payout is not served unless you wager the maximum.
  • Do some research to figure out which slot machines have higher payouts in terms of overall jackpot.
  • If you are aiming to grab the largest possible progressive, then choose the machine accordingly.
  • Use all your credits when playing a progressive slot, and make sure to use the ones you have nabbed in the session. The idea is to play outright for winning the progressive jackpot, and try to play as much as you can in each of the sessions.
  • Decline the double-up option, if the machine has a bonus round. With the double-up feature, you have a chance to double the credits that you win in a bonus round. This can be a poor bet to place. Its far better to take up the credits that you have won, and apply them to your efforts in winning the progressive.
  • Use the bankroll only for progressives, and try to play as frequently as possible.  The main objective should be to get as many possible spins as you can, prior to winning the big jackpot. Remember, you are the one making an attempt to make the spins result in a progressive jackpot.
  • Keep in mind that the odds of winning a progressive slot is always going to be on the lower side. However, it doesn’t imply you should stop playing, rather don’t stress on your budget and get too occupied with playing a progressive slot to hit that bonanza amount.


Even though the chances of winning a progressive slot are slim, you should recognize that everyone else is also on the same boat as yours. It just takes a single turn to shift the luck in your favor, and that one instance can be a life changing experience for you!