How To Use Your Credit Card Safely On Online Casinos

How To Use Your Credit Card Safely On Online Casinos
Nov 27, 2016 NEWS

Online credit card payment is the most convenient way to get access to any sort of service from any corner of the world. However, things can get ugly for you in case your confidential details are compromised. Online casinos are a soft target for hackers, and if you are not cautious enough when making a deposit or a withdrawal, you might end up in a big trouble.  Here are a few things you should keep in mind, before using your credit card for online payment.

Access the casino from a safe location

It’s highly recommended to carry out credit card transactions using a secure system, which you normally operate at home. Accessing private data through public internet is like making yourself robbed by the hacker.  With open internet access, you never know what kind of spyware can do the damage for you. Unless you are absolutely sure about the security of a certain system and its IP address, don’t log in with your credentials from anywhere, except your private internet connection at home.

Don’t share details over email

Credit card credentials are only meant to be used in the payment gateway, and if any online casino asks you for details through an email or text, immediately stop using that website. A reputed entity will never ask their customer to reveal confidential data in any form, whether text or verbal.

Keep track of your credit card balance regularly

With so much complexity in the banking structure and the modus operandi in which you are charged for a certain service, it’s very important to keep track of your card balance to ensure there are no false charges whatsoever. Gone are the days when you had to wait for a month to receive a hard copy of the credit card statement, and you could only check once for the monthly deductions. Online access to your statement can keep you updated on a daily basis and you should make it a habit to check frequently. There’s a good chance of accruing false additions when you make a deposit in online casino.

Make use of prepaid cards

If you are too afraid to declare card details on the web, the best alternative is to get a prepaid MasterCard or Visa. You can go for a certain limit that you need to deposit in the online casino account. Once you make use of this card, it’s useless even if someone gets hold of the details. The balance after depositing the money is zero, and there is nothing for the robber to rob!

Buy a Player Rewards Card

If you don’t want your credit card to be floating around, in case you are planning to try hands at multiple online casinos, make sure to opt for player rewards cards. Not only do you get multiple benefits and incentives, but also a safer option to use.  All you need to do is to enter the card details only once, and then you can access your favorite casino games from a number of websites.