In 2017 Live Poker Tournaments Are Taking The Centre Stage

In 2017 Live Poker Tournaments Are Taking The Centre Stage
Mar 10, 2017 NEWS

In the past, when a player had to prove themselves as an exceptional live poker player, they usually only had three main options – the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour, and the European Poker Tour. Today, the industry is shifting towards a modern era, with a huge assortment of live tournaments available to play.

The idea is to offer each player a chance to enjoy live poker events, playing against big punters in poker. This hasn’t been taken in consideration for a long time before, and the options have always been limited to a few elite parts of the world. Live tournaments will bring in the major forces from every possible curve of the earth, whether or not you are a big name poker player, it's possible for you to try your luck in these tournaments.

With some changes on hand, the PokerStars have announced the initial push of championship events, along with the PokerStars Festivals. The reduced buy-in events mean more players who were initially unable to get the entry for an entire EPT schedule. The debut championship main events in Panama and Macau will add to the reputation of persistent stops in Monte Carlo and Barcelona. The World Series of Poker reaches a good chunk of planet with some of the best players in the world competing for the bracelet.

Taking the center-stage in its purest form, the live tournament show is not only for the high rollers. Players of all levels are catered to, thanks to the abundance of tours such as the Heartland Poker Tour and Mid-Stakes Poker Tour in America and the Europe’s Unibet Open.

Welcoming a wide assortment of players from all across the globe, in order to make the game more thrilling and reachable, the 888Live has set new standards in the industry. Their 888Live Festival series is certainly one of the top live poker events in the picture. It is not only 888Poker vying for the innovation. Players are conscious of the tournaments offered in this modern era. It’s just that they have more choices to explore.

Gone are the days when live poker was controlled by a couple of reputed brands. This year 2017 will witness a revolution with more diversification. The players will be able to believe like they have more impact in the game’s future. Bringing back the biggest leads in the live poker history back, John Duthie, the president of the PartyPoker LIVE tour, is unwavering to put forwards the players more than the game.

The main objective behind this transformation is to optimize payouts and a structure that works for everybody. Setting up a player team with gamers from all across the world will become a priority in 2017. The major force behind the poker world, including 888poker and the World Series of Poker will carry on to move forward with their live tours and join forces in Las Vegas, which is known as the returning home of poker. A more balanced playing field has to be developed, that has never existed in balance over the past decades.