It's Not Wise to Rely on The Paroli Betting System

It's Not Wise to Rely on The Paroli Betting System
Nov 28, 2016 NEWS

Paroli is basically referred to as a positive betting sequence in which a wager is doubled after each win till the time, there are 3 consecutive wins. The progression has existed ever since the 16th century, when it was applied to Basset, an Italian game of cards.  This system quite commonly applies to baccarat and roulette and number of games that feature even odds bet.

How Does It Work?

The main objective behind this form of betting system is to achieve 3 consecutive wins in a row, while doubling the amount of wager after each win. The sequence begins with a single unit wager on an even outcome, and in case the wager loses, there will be one more bet. Until the wager wins, the player continues to flat bet without any variation in the amount. When the first win is achieved, the player has to bet 2 units, and if he loses this bet, he has to get back to wagering single unit.

In case he wins the bet, the next stake will be doubled to 4 units, which is the final bet of the sequence. The end result is either a profit of 7 units or a net loss of a single unit. Even though this betting system ends on conclusion of 3 wins or a loss, it’s quite practical to wager in groups of 3 to understand the outcome. Precisely, there are 8 possible winning and losing pattern for 3 consecutive wins, and only one results in 7-unit profit.

What’s the Concept Behind This Strategy?

The paroli system is based on the concept that there is a certain streak associated with winning and losing a game. A player can avoid chasing losses by betting less during the losing streak and maximize earnings by betting more during the winning chain. It ensures that no bet will risk more than one unit from the gamer’s bankroll. People who follow this rule, claim it to be more consistent and stable than negative progressions, since when the losses occur in this system, they are little and gradual.  Moreover, the table limits don’t interfere with the paroli system.

Why Is It Not Totally Reliable?

The real risk associated with the notion of Paroli system is the fact that small losses can add up to a significant amount if you keep applying the strategy in spite of a losing streak. Even if you win a 7-unit profit at the end of the day, there’s a good chance you might have wagered more throughout the game-play. In any case, the net result is neither a loss nor profit, and the system is successful only when the game tends to be in your favor, which is normally the case with any strategy.

 Also, since the house has an extra edge, the odds of losing on an even-money wager are more than the probability of winning. It would be advisable to try this concept only when you have played enough hands and feel confident about winning the next one.