Keno and a Walk Down the Historical Memory Lane

Keno and a Walk Down the Historical Memory Lane
Nov 28, 2016 NEWS

Keno is a popular game played across multiple platforms, be it a lounge bar or a casino hall. Unlike other casino games such as poker, craps, slots and roulette, Keno is more luck-based than skill expertise. The idea is to select a few numbers and then the machine will throw random numbers out of the chute. Your winnings are decided on the basis of your predictions. Let us take an overview of the game’s origin.

Where It All Began?

The history of Keno dates back to a time when Chinese emperors collected money creatively for the wars. The main reason behind the invention of this game was to reduce the tax pressure on the citizens who were getting demoralized with the system. It all happened during the Han Dynasty in the 2nd Century BC, when emperors got their extra bankroll when people paid to pay for the draw.

Given the actual objective of employing the game of Keno in China and how people started playing for the big win was an indication of the first ever national lottery project. In those times, it was known as ‘White Pigeon’, since they announced the outcomes across the nation.

How It Added to The Greatest Wonder of The World

Walking down the historical memory lane, Keno is also associated with sponsoring the construction of the Great Wall of China.  It is known that this lottery concept was employed by ancient Chinese people to fund the Wall creation, which lasted 500 years. One can imagine the rich tradition this game has been to people in China, and the same has extended to numerous nations across the globe.

Spreading the Wings

It was in the 19th century when most of the casino games took the centre stage in the United States, and Keno was one of them. It was a period when people from all across the planet migrated to North American continent carrying over their culture in the form of gamble games. The Chinese brought the Keno, while the French and Italian people introduced Baccarat and Roulette respectively.

In the initial stages, the game was majorly played by Chinese people at the railway construction sites across the suburbs.  Even though the game was quite popular, the Americans came to know truly about Keno in the early part of 20th century. The game was later accepted by the society as one of the enjoyable and relaxing games with low risks. By the time Keno got settled, it fell into the category of illegal activity being a lottery game.  The rules are quite complex, but you have a number of options to play the game.

Today, in the modern world, this ancient Chinese game has evolved into a favorite pastime for people of all ages. In spite of the complicated rules associated with lottery gaming at state and federal level, Keno can be accessed online on a number of reputable sites. If you are looking for some real cash winnings, make sure to play exciting Keno tournaments for some great fun.