Learn About The Best Wagers You Should Make For Craps

Learn About The Best Wagers You Should Make For Craps
Nov 2, 2016 NEWS

With over 100 different combinations of bets in the game of craps, you’ll find a lot of good ones as well as something disastrous. Enlisted below are some of the best wagers you should make for craps. Ready to find out about the best bets for Craps? Let's get started!

Buying or taking over Player Don’t Bet

Not many people know about this, but this wager is the best way to get a mathematical edge at the game of craps. Gamblers often make mistake in placing don’t come or don’t pass bets that end up winding on 6 or 8. The tricky part for a bettor is to buck the occurrence of 7 and 11 to get up to a number. But once done, the don’t bet becomes the best choice since the number 7 has now 6 chances of occurring in 2 six-sided dice with 36 possible combinations.  So if you are on don’t-5, you have 5 ways to win and 4 to lose. If you see another player taking his bet down, offer him an equivalent amount, and make that bet yours.

Place 6 or 8 to lose

With this wager, you need to place a bet to lose on 6 or 8. The bet should be in the multiple of 5, with minimum being 5$. Even if the number 7 shows up, you get 4 dollars.  The house advantage with this bet is 1.82%, which is pretty good.

Place 6 or 8 to win

This is completely opposite to the bet explained above.  In this wager, you need to place a win-bet on 6 or 8 in the multiples of 6$. Since the house edge in this case is just 1.52%, the odds of winning $7 for every $6 are on the higher side. If you continue playing this bet with good hands, you have a good chance of taking away something big.

The Oddsman’s Bet

Majority of players are unable to afford any odds behind the pass line bets, once the number is established.  If the person allows you, that’s a different thing.  Since casino has no advantage over the odds, you can expect to break even in the long run. However, ensure that the player whose bets you are taking, completely understands what’s going on.

Place 4 or 10

In this kind of bet, you place $41 on the layout, and tell the dealer to lay your bet against four or ten. In case your prediction is right, you win $20. This wager has a higher house edge of 2.44% percent, but is worth trying.

Place the 5 or 9 to lose

Place a bet of $8, and let your dealer know that you are rooting for 5 or 9 to lose. You win $5 if the shooter rolls the number 7. The casino has a house edge of 2.5% at this wager, but the chance of winning is also good.

Don't pass with odds - Don't come with odds

With a house edge of 1.43% on the bets and no advantage over the odds, this wager is worth a choice. The idea is to stake the least on don’t come and don’t pass bets, and the most in odds that follow.