Online Poker vs Offline poker

Online Poker vs Offline poker
Nov 27, 2016 NEWS

Poker is one of the oldest casino games highly recognized by top gamers across the world, and is available both in land-based setting and on internet-based platform. While the former has existed for decades, the latter has taken the world by storm, given the convenience it offers, especially to beginners.

In contrast, the brick-and-mortar setting has its own specialties, including the unique ambiance of the play house and the opportunity to play against actual people right in front of you. This is where you test your ability to read someone’s body language, and that is surely one of the tricks most expert poker players bank upon. For beginners, online version is a relief since the physical tells is not revealed.

How Do the Tactics Differ in Online and Offline Version?

Expert players who have had enough hands-on experience in poker employ clever tactics to make the opponent uncomfortable by his moves or use fake body language to make someone fall into a trap. On the other side, the betting speed and the pattern of your opponent is the only clue you can capitalize on, while playing the online version.

While this can also be done in the offline mode, mastering the concept takes real time practice. With an option to play multiple tables simultaneously, online poker allows you to keep an eye on more than one opponent, which can be really helpful when you hit a live table at a land-based casino.

Tracking the Count

The biggest difference between the digital world and the real world is the fact that the former provides you with the privilege of tracking important information at one-click, rather than remembering everything as in the case of live casino. You may also be presented with useful stats about your opponents, which can be really helpful in crafting a strategy for the next hand of play. You don’t have to keep asking the dealer about the number of chips or stack present, and there is little scope of overestimating the opponent’s stack.

So Which is Better?

Here are a few contrasting points that sum up the good and bad of both the versions:

  • With the online poker, you are just a couple of clicks away from the world of gaming, whereas for live poker game, you might have to purchase a membership of a reputed casino.
  • Games are available throughout the day in the online version, unlike the case with casinos, where you have to wait for a table to open up.
  • When you sign up on an online gambling site, you get a welcome bonus cash to play with. Such bonuses, even if offered at a land-based casino, come in the form of complimentary food or drinks.
  • Land-based casino provides you with the real glitz and glamour of the gambling world, while the online version can be accessed from just about anywhere.
  • There is no form of distraction when you play at the comfort of your home, but the off-putting atmosphere of a real casino can make you lose your temperament.

Whether you should go for the online poker or the offline one is entirely dependent upon your level of expertise and comfort. Once you have enough confidence playing the game, you can switch either way!