PokerGO Is Here

PokerGO Is Here
Jun 9, 2017 NEWS

The much awaited PokerGO has finally been released by Poker Central. This subscription service will provide instant programming for some of the biggest events in poker, including the likes of Super High Roller Bowl and the World Series of Poker.

About PokerGO

'PokerGO will provide high quality live poker content and tournaments for the truly passionate poker fans and gaming enthusiasts alike, wherever and whenever they want' as stated by Poker Central’s digital officer, JR McCabe. According to him, by combining PokerGO with their present network television venture, they will look forward to provide original and unique programming to a wide range of global audience. This service will cost you merely $10 on a monthly basis and $99 annually, which can be accessed at

PokerGO will be providing a special coverage of top bracelet events this summer, including the likes of WSOP and the High Roller for One Drop, giving viewers an insight of the Main Event moments. Beyond the poker festivities of the summer at the Super High Roller Bowl and the World Series of Poker, the program will also extend into premier poker events and weekly high-rolling cash games.

PokerGO already has authentic programming designed, which include “Pokerography” a series reflecting the achievements of great poker player and their stories. The other one is a documentary mini-series named “Dead Money: A Super High Roller Bowl Story” based on the experience of Matt Berkey’s Super High Roller Bowl experience in 2016.

The founder of Poker Productions, Mori Eskandani, stated in a release that the game of Poker has constantly developed over a period of time as exhilarating, spirited live sport with a huge fan base across the globe eager to watch some bloodthirsty action. The idea is to give a platform to individual players to access such a wonderful game. PokerGO’s planned mishmash of premium original programming and unparalleled live coverage of events will make it the perfect service to amuse poker players with every little facet of the game.

App Availability

This is reasonably the most impressive part of the App Launch, as it is available across the world with 0 region blocking. After being tested with a VPN using IPs from Germany, UK, US and Honduras, there is no difference in the content provided.


The PokerGO App and Website has been built using Neulion streaming technology, the one used by MLB and UFC. However, this outstanding service also comes with a few restrictions.

  • It cannot run on console or mobile browsers without an app
  • For MAC, it requires Adobe Flash Player, and for PC both Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight is required
  • Password can’t be shared – the moment you log in from one device, you are logged out from the other.

The service will also host the classics, playing “Doubles Poker Championship”, “Face the Ace”, “Poker After Dark” and many more. Poker Central has also lately announced their television sharing deal and rights agreement with ESPN for the NBC Sports Group and WSOP. Stay tuned for all the action!