Progressive Slots Yay or Nay

Progressive Slots Yay or Nay
Nov 29, 2016 NEWS

Progressive jackpot slots offer high payouts when you win, and the sort of offers can vary from the land-based casinos to the online versions. However, before you opt to play such slots, it would be smart to learn about the pros and cons associated with the same. Let us take into account the bright as well as the dark side of playing progressive slots.

What Makes Progressive Slots Worth a Try?

Winning a progressive slot can be a life-changing experience and this reason itself is big enough to try hands at this affair. There are lots of people who have hit the golden bonanza and have become millionaires overnight. Betting maximum stake might just extract you an amount that you can’t simply imagine. One single bet on a progressive game can give you a fortune worth more than a number of slots combined. The winnings can be as much as $1M in payout.

In case you are a high roller, be sure to be entertained with comps and bonuses. As you increase your deposits and play progressives, you would gradually rise in the comp club tiers. So if you want a deadly combination of high bankroll, good bonus and comp club tier offers, then you should be looking forward to play progressive slots by reputed gaming sites.

What Are the Drawbacks of Progressive Slots?

The major downside of playing progressive slots in the casinos is the lower base-game payout. The games featuring large jackpots generally have lower payouts in comparison to other online slot games. Hence, the chances of winning often is too less with this sort of gaming strategy. This is why most of the players don’t feel motivated to try their hands at the progressive jackpots.

The problem with a brick-and-mortar setting is their inability to pay big, in case someone wins the jackpot. This forces the house to ask for high stakes from the players, so that they can compensate for the higher payouts. You wouldn’t really find such an issue with online gaming sites, which have sufficient bankroll to pay the winners. In any case, accumulating big jackpot is all about betting big, which is avoided by most of the players.

The risk of losing your entire bankroll on a single bet is too high if you are looking to wager big on progressive slots.  Hence, if you want to last longer in the gaming session without losing all your cash at one-go, it’s a wise decision to avoid chasing progressive jackpots, unless you are having a very good day at gaming and feel like winning the world with a single stake.

Final Verdict: Should You Play Progressive Slots?

At the end of the day, opting for progressive jackpot slots is totally your decision. For a stress-free gaming experience, one should not put too much pressure on thinking how to implement a strategy for winning the jackpot amount. If you feel like trying your hands on the bonanza, just go for it with realistic expectations. You just need to know that you’ll either win big or end up losing something along the way.