Should You Join That Alluring Online Casino VIP Program

Should You Join That Alluring Online Casino VIP Program
Dec 14, 2016 NEWS

You may have come across those enticing incentives and promotions on online casinos offering the casino VIP programs exclusively for players like you. There’s a good chance you might have also discussed it with players who are already a part of such a program. But there is something that makes you avoid the idea of joining a casino VIP program. Here are a few reasons that will surely clear your doubts and break the dilemma.

Online Casinos Keep Track of Every Single Bet

In a land-based casino, a loyalty card is generally used, where points are calculated on the basis of how long you stay in the game and the table maximum you are playing. Once you hand over your VIP card to the concerned, they keep an eye on the kinds of bets you are placing, but are unable to keep a check on every single bet. This means you might end up betting more than what you deserve to be credited for. This is not the case with online casinos, where each and every bet is tracked, and you are rewarded for whatever you are entitled to. None of the stakes at the layout go uncounted!

Get Insurance for Losses

Isn’t it amazing to get paid at least 50% of the amount you lost for a particular month? Sounds like a great deal, but its only available for the VIP members. Most of the online casinos have a covered insurance policy to protect the players against big losses. Since its very easy to get into the trap of chasing losses, especially with the VIP program, reputed online casinos make sure you are not entirely broken at the end of the month.

Faster and Frequent Cash Withdrawals

Being a part of VIP programs entitle you with additional benefit of frequent withdrawals with less rollover requirements. You can get higher payouts every week in comparison to the other players, and the amount you can cash out is totally dependent upon the level you find your VIP status on. One can qualify for up to $10,000 to $30,000 payout per week, which can be a real bonus if the ball is in your court, and you don’t want it to roll away.

Become a High Roller

Low table minimums are a specialty of online casinos, unlike the land-based setting where it can be a nightmare to get an empty seat on a buzzing weekend. By becoming a part of the VIP programs, you can have a safe transition to higher table limits automatically. You may also have exclusive access to few high-stake games that you can try your hands on. Not only do you add further loyalty points, but also reap greater rewards being a VIP member.

Being one of the most valuable players in a community is exciting, and given the VIP status, the privileges you enjoy is limitless with countless sums to extract. However, make sure that every game is played with the purpose of having fun, rather than mental stress.