Sic Bo Tips for True Champions

Sic Bo Tips for True Champions
Nov 28, 2016 NEWS

Sic Bo is the ancient Chinese game of gambling, which basically refers to dice pair. Quite popular in all of Macau, this game is commonly played in a number of casinos in the United States. With a unique table layout, Sic Bo uses three dice and the bets are placed on the outcome of these three dices. Even though it’s a game of chance, there are certain set of tips that can help you master the concept.

Either Bet on Big or Small

When you play the game of Sic Bo, make sure to target either big or small. In simple words, go for a small number summation of 4 to 10 as the total score of the rolled dice or a big one from 11 to 17. These kinds of bets have the lowest house edge and the payment is 1:1.

Bet on Totals with Low House Edge

If you take a close look at the layout table of the game, you’ll notice the difference between the odds and house edge for certain totals. Say for an instance, wagering on totals from 10 to 11 and 8 to 13 has a higher house edge of 12.5% as compared to betting on totals from 7 to 14 with 9.7% house edge and 12:1 payout.

Don’t Go for Triple Betting

In case you win a triple bet, which happens once in a blue moon, it implies that you have predicted the occurrence of the same number on all the dices. You can imagine how risky it would be to bet on triples, when the payout is worth 180:1. This is why experienced players never choose triple bet as their main wager, since such a bet can make you lose your money 9 out of 10 times.

Bet Wisely

Novice players start betting on their own number combinations without knowing the exact house edge and odds of winning behind the game. Betting on a total from 5 to 16 has a payout of 30:1, but it also comes with a whopping house advantage of 13.9%. If you place wagers on such totals, you are simply giving away a gift to the casino.

Don’t Rely on The Betting Systems

Sic Bo is a game of luck, and there is no betting system out there to hit the gold pot every time you play. In most of the cases, the house always wins and you cannot alter the advantage in your favor. The best strategy is to believe in your intuition and bet on totals with lower house edge.

Trust Your Luck

There are no sequences of numbering pattern associated with the game of Sic Bo, and hence you shouldn’t stress yourself to sort out a new system. This Chinese game has a few superstitions attached to it. For example, the number 4 signifies death, while the number 9 sounds like long-lasting in Chinese tone. It’s all about perception and trying out different numbers, since a game like Sic Bo is completely unpredictable by any means.