Table Game Spotlight 3 Card Brag

Table Game Spotlight 3 Card Brag
Jun 15, 2017 NEWS

With a rich history dating back to the 16th Century, 3 Card Brag is the first ever card game to employ the concept of bluffing, thus making way for other popular poker variants. Here’s an overview of how this poker game is played!

Basic Rules In 3 Card Brag

A standard deck of 52 cards, with the exception of jokers is used for this game. Although it is best played with 4 to 8 players, 2 players can also join. Card shuffling is done once at the beginning or after a Prial hand is won. The main objective here is to get the best 3-card hand possible, beating your competitors. You also have an option to bluff, where you can simply lie about hand value in a bid to trick other players into think that you have stronger hands.

Before commencement of the gameplay, the value of the initial ante bet must be established, along with a limit on the amount that a bet can be extended and the min/max amount of initial bet.

Game Play

Subsequent to establishment of betting rules, the game play unfolds in this sequence.

  • All players place an ante bet.
  • 3 face-down cards are dealt to each player.
  • After taking a look at their card, players can choose to play blind at this point.
  • From the left of the dealer, betting starts. Player can either bet or fold at this juncture. Folding means forfeiting the ante bet and taking oneself out of the game.
  • Betting continues till the time only 1 or 2 players stay in the game. If everyone folds, except one, the latter wins the pot.
  • If you pay in order to see the cards of the other player, they will show you their 3 card hand.  You need to prove it on the table, if you have a better hand. In case, its equal or worse, you can fold without revealing your cards. If there’s a draw, the person who paid will lose.


What Is Blind Betting?

After being dealt the initial 3 cards, you have an option to bet without looking at the cards. Blind betting means each of the bets will cost  you half the standard amount of non-blind wager. At any stage, if you decide to look at your cards, you will have to agree with standard betting amounts. If all the other players fold when you are playing blind, the pot is carried over to the next game with you keeping the current hand.


Even though there is rare shuffling of cards in this particular game, card counting can come into play, if you are shrewd enough and familiar with the concept. To be honest, the concept of bluffing is the main strategy of this game, since playing by odds will make you lose quickly. Blind betting should only be practiced by expert players, since it takes a good amount of experience to play blind. In case you choose to do it, make sure you have enough bankroll to bear the loss, if there is any.