Table Game Spotlight Let Em Ride

Table Game Spotlight Let Em Ride
Feb 25, 2017 NEWS

Based on the concept of poker, Let ‘Em Ride is a casino table game where a player bets on 5-card poker hand formed by 2 community cards and their own 3 cards. The game is a product of  Bally Technologies, and was invented by John Breeding, the founder of Shuffle Master, with an objective to fuel demand  for the shuffling machine. In comparison to other casino games, Let ‘Em Ride is played at a relaxed pace, which is ideal for elder players and neophytes.

Basic Rules of The Game

Based on a couple of community cards and 3 player cards, Let ‘Em Ride is simply a variation of 5-card stud.  The community cards are initially dealt face down, and the most striking feature of this game is the couple of the chances you get to withdraw 1/3 of the initial wager. 

One of the chances occurs prior to revelation of the first community card, after the player looks at their hand. The second chance occurs before the revelation of the second community card, and after the first one is revealed. You have an option to reduce the bet on either of the events, or neither.  In case you decide against withdrawing part of your wager, this is known as ‘Let it ride’

In case of a winning hand after revelation of the second community card, the wager is paid out accordingly, starting from pair of 10s and Three of a kind to Straight flush and Royal flush. This payout can be anywhere between 1 to 1 up to 1000 to 1.

Playing the Game

To make sure that the initial wager is perfectly divisible by 3, a player has to hand out their wager over 3 spots,  all of which must contain same chip value. After all the bets are placed, the dealer deals each player one card, starting from the left side followed by the face-down community card, with another card to each of the players.  Then the 2nd community card is dealt, followed by the final card. Before the deal comes to an end, players are neither allowed to expose their cards nor try to peek into someone else’s cards.

Side Bets

The common side bets for the game of Let ‘Em Ride include:

  • Based on the 5-card hand, there’s a fixed payout scheduling, starting with two pair or 3 of a kind. The former is basically a 4x payout, this is more or less 3:1 equation, since the original bet is collected before the deal is made.
  • Analogous to the ‘pair plus’ side bet in the game of 3-card poker, there’s a side bet on the poker hand formed by three cards of the player.


House Advantage

Just like top-notch casino games of poker and blackjack, it’s the decisions that you make as a player will affect the house edge in Let ‘Em Ride. With the right kind of optimal strategy, the house edge that the casino has over the player is around 3.51% of the closing non withdrawable 3rd of the initial stake.