Table Game Spotlight Mini Baccarat

Table Game Spotlight Mini Baccarat
Sep 17, 2017 NEWS

Mini-Baccarat is a lower stake, smaller variation of the original Baccarat, and is basically different in the sense that it generally has lower limits at the table. The table is minor in size and as a player, you won’t be able to choose the cards. This game is quite widespread in a number of casinos, particularly among Asian players.

Mini-Baccarat is a comparison based card game just like Baccarat and is played between a couple hands, the “banker” and the “player”. Each coup of baccarat can have 3 probable outcomes: banker has the high score, player has the higher score, or there’s a tie. There are no skill sets or strategies in this game, as it is purely based on chance. Your moves are controlled depending on the cards you are dealt.

Hands Valuation In Mini-Baccarat

Point value of cards is considered in the game of Mini-Baccarat. Aces are worth one point; kings, queens, jacks and tens have no valuation i.e. zero point; card 2 through 9 are worth face value in points and jokers not taken into consideration. Valuation of the hands is done on the basis of the extreme right number of the totality of their component cards. Say for instance, a hand comprising of 3 and 4 is worth 7, however a hand comprising of 7 and 8 is worth 5, since 5 is the digit on the extreme right when 7 and 8 are added.  9 is the highest value that you can get in baccarat.

What Are The Basic Rules Of The Game?

Both the parties (banker/player) are dealt 2 cards apiece. If both of them or at least one of them get a total sum of ‘Eight’ or ‘Nine’ with the first couple of cards, the result is declared due to the appearance of “natural”. Either the banker wins, player wins or there’s a tie. Natural 8 is always beaten by Natural 9. If none of the two parties are dealt with a combined sum of these numbers in the couple of cards, this following display of rules is referred first for the player and then for the banker. The casino displays these rules in a simplified format a follows:

  • Irrespective of what the player’s 3rd card is, the banker pulls a card if his combined sum is two or less.
  • The bank draws a third card if the banker’s combined sum is 3, unless the 3rd card of the player was an eight.
  •  In case the banker’s combined sum is 4 and the player’s 3rd card was 2 through 7, here the bank pulls a 3rd card.
  • In case the banker’s combined sum is 5 and the 3rd card of the player was 4 through 7, here the bank pulls a 3rd card.
  • Similarly, if the total is 6 and the player’s 3rd card was 6,7, here the bank pulls a 3rd card.
  • The banker stands in case the banker combined sum is 7

House Edge

The typical house-edge in case of mini-baccarat is around 1.24%. But you should never ever choose to bet on a tie, since it comes along with a whopping house edge of 14.36 percent that will literally eat up your money.