Table Game Spotlight on Royal Caribbean Poker

Table Game Spotlight on Royal Caribbean Poker
Sep 2, 2016 NEWS

Royal Caribbean poker is a table game, which is analogous to that of a 5-card stud poker, except for the fact that you are playing against the dealer and not the other players. Reading your opponent’s strategies is taken out of the equation and there is no bluffing involved with this game.

Basic Game Rules of Royal Caribbean Poker

There’s a common line of process for a typical Royal Caribbean poker as per the US standards; however, betting limits and payouts can vary. In order to play, you have to place all your ante wagers on the indicated spot on the layout surface, before the dealer calls out 'No more bets.' You also have an alternative to opt-in progressive jackpot, which can be activated for a particular hand of play once the chip is dropped into the slot on the layout surface. 

Each dealer and player will be given 5 cards each. The players may take a look at their cards, only after the dealer has pushed one of his cards towards him. There should be no discussion on the playing table regarding what others have. 

Players can either continue to play or choose to fold. In case, you opt to play, you’ll have to place an additional bet of double the value of ante known as “raise”, into the box named Bet.  If you choose to fold, the ante will be forfeited. Once each of the players takes their final decision, the dealer will reveal his 4 hole cards.

The dealer qualifies in cases where a higher-ranked poker or pair forms, or when it contains both a king and an ace. Then he compares his 5-card hand with those of other players starting from the extreme right, and the player’s hands that beat the dealer’s qualified hand on both the raise bets and the ante, wins. In case they are unable to defeat the dealer’s hands, they lose both the raise bet and the ante. 

Both the raise bet and the ante push up in case there is a tie between the player and the dealer. If the dealer doesn’t qualify for a hand of play, the respective raise wagers are all pushed and the players get even money on the ante bets.

Betting Rules of Royal Caribbean Poker

There are a few important rules that need to be followed while playing the Caribbean poker:

  • Players can only play one hand at a time. You cannot cling to, or bet on multiple hands at the layout.
  • If you are opting for Progressive jackpot feature, you need to make sure that the $1 bet is inserted into the slot and the respective indication is ON.
  • No exchange of information will be entertained on the playing table
  • The 5 cards should be kept in clear view of the dealer, after you examine and place them face-down on the table.
  • In case, a hole card is shown before “No more bet” is announced by the dealers, all hands will be void.
  • A player will get a dead hand or push in case there is an incorrect amount of cards to him.

Winning Odds in Royal Caribbean Poker

With an optimal strategy, the house edge is around 5.224% of the player’s ante bets. Raising with Ace / King / Jack / 8 / 3 gives a house edge of 5.316%. Knowing what the other players hold (at most 30 cards) can significantly reduce the house edge to 2.3%, and maximize your odds of winning.