Table Game Spotlight this month is Three Card Poker

Table Game Spotlight this month is Three Card Poker
Dec 8, 2016 NEWS

Three Card Poker is a modification of a popular casino game, poker, which was introduced in 1994 by Derek Webb. The concept behind introducing this game was to combine three important factors in one single game, which includes easy to understand rules, large payouts to entice players and reasonable house edge suitable for the casino as well as the players.

Rules of Playing Three Card Poker

Basically, there are a couple of playing modes in a three-card poker. On the condition that the player hand will be a pair or better, the payout for a pair plus wager is on a pay scale basis. On the other hand, the ante and play wagers play on the hand of the player against the dealer’s. The Pair Plus and the Ante are optional in most of the casinos, while the latter may be mandatory in a few.

Three cards are dealt to the dealer and each of the players, once both the bets are placed. If you place an ante wager, you have an option to either continue or fold by inserting a play wager into the game which is equivalent to the Ante. Then the hands are exposed and the wagers are resolved. For the dealer hand to play, it must be either Queen or higher.

There is no response on the Ante wagers and Play wagers if the dealer doesn’t play, and the payout is even. The player and dealer hands are compared in case the dealer plays. If the player hand grabs both the play and ante wagers, payout is 1 to 1, whereas if the player hand loses, both the wagers lose. There is no action when the hands are tied.

The payout for ante bonus is on a pay-scale formula and it doesn’t depend upon the fact whether the player or the dealer has the best hand or not. A typical bonus has a payout of 1 to 1 for a straight, 4 to 1 for three-of-a-kind and 5 to 1 for a straight flush. If the player has anything below a pair, the pair plus bet loses and the payout is independent of the dealer’s hand.

Basic Strategy

Making the Play wager with Queen-6-4 or better is the optimum strategy for most players. However, just like any other casino game, there are no strategies to overcome the house edge. The most common betting strategy is to play equal stakes for both kinds of wagers, or it should be played for double the amount of the other.

House Edge

There are a couple of ways to express the against dealer hand house edge. If the number is expressed as a percentage part of only the Ante wager, which is around 3.37%, this may entice the players to make an assumption that there is no house edge on the Play wager, and they should always make this bet.  However, it is important for a player to note that in the against dealer mode, the house edge on the combined wager is roughly around 2.01%.