Top Blackjack Player Spotlight Zeljko Ranogajec

Top Blackjack Player Spotlight Zeljko Ranogajec
Feb 25, 2017 NEWS

Popularly known as one of the world’s biggest punter, Zeljko made his biggest mark in the world of horse race gambling, by betting electronically on all racing tracks across the globe using highly detailed analysis to decipher odds of winning greater than the posted odds. His legacy is not only confined to this ground, since the strong foundation he laid for himself was all because of the bankroll earned at the blackjack casinos. He started his journey as a blackjack player; one who got plenty of admiration by industry experts, making his way into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Early Stages of Life

Zeljko was born in Australia in the city of Hobart, to a Croatian family who had migrated here. He was recognized as a mathematical genius and was a student of Law and commerce, studying finance, banking and tax.  While at the university, he also used to work part time at the Wrest Point Casino where he began card counting in Blackjack. There he met his future business and life partner, Shelley Wilson, who was a full time employee at the Casino. Afterwards, he relocated to the mainland in NSW for further studies in the University of NSW in Sydney. Later on he dropped out to focus more on advantage gambling.

His Success Story

After ditching the idea of earning a degree from the university, Zeljko invested his time in concentrating more on the game of blackjack, which at that point of time, was like an addiction for him. He had developed exceptional skills over a period of time and made massive winnings over the course. As per the professional blackjack players, he was considered as one of the most prolific and innovative players of all time. His starting bets were only a few hundred dollars, which eventually made him millions.

By the mid-1980s, he was banned from playing in most of the casinos, which obviously included the Wrest Point, followed by the Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast. He expanded his business overseas, but his unbelievable success forced the casinos even in the US to bar him from playing. As a result, he came back to Australia, and shifted his focus from blackjack to horse-race gambling, which earned him the status of the biggest punter in the world.

Entry to the Blackjack Hall of Fame

Zeljko is known to be a secretive person, who doesn’t give interviews or fancy the idea of public appearances. His entry to the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2011 was a revelation to many, as he was not very well known among common public. A secluded person that he is, refuses to seek publicity of any kind. However, the panel committee of blackjack experts concluded the fact that Zeljko Ranogajec was undeniably one of the best players to have played the game of blackjack. He was honored with an entry to the Hall of Fame, alongside other legends including Max Rubin, Stanford Wong, Darryl Purpose, Peter Griffin, Lawrence Revere and a few more!