Top Free Poker Apps For Your iPhone

Top Free Poker Apps For Your iPhone
Feb 7, 2017 NEWS

Do you love playing poker? Do you fancy the idea of playing this lucrative game with anyone from anywhere and anytime? The only thing you need is an iPhone, and internet connection. Given the flawless user-interface of iOS, the gaming experience is smooth to say the least.  Enlisted below are some of the top poker apps specially designed for iPhone users, that you can access free of cost. However, make you are not accessing your account over a public internet connection.

Zynga Poker

Boasting of a community base of over 100,000 online players, Zynga Poker is one of the most popular iPhone Poker Apps with a simple user-interface. You can either login with your own Zynga Poker account or as a guest with your Facebook account. After logging in, you have an option to play four different types of games, which includes Shootout, Jump, Sit-n-go and Hold’em Tournament. The clean interface allows for a smooth gaming experience, and you have an option to play money chips, rather than real money.  However, in case you end up losing all your chips, you can buy some with real money!

World Series of Poker

Yes, you read it right. The biggest poker tournament in the world has their own app designed for iPhone users. You can start playing with the guest account accessed through Facebook, with games like Omaha or Texas Hold’Em –Tournament or Sit-and-go style. You can get a chance to play in different ‘cities’, and if you are lucky enough, you may win a free ticket to take part in the real World Series of Poker tournament.


Designed by the poker powerhouse, Pokerstars, this app has a base of more than 40,000 online players, which allots you an opponent instantly. You cannot access the PokerStars through a guest account; you need to sign up for the app itself. It has a simple interface with interactive features specially designed for iPhone users, and can be downloaded free of cost.

Appeak Poker

With a strikingly decent user-interface, Appeak Poker is a pure poker experience without many clutters in the app. The cards, table and a chatbox are all pretty smooth.  With over 100,000 active players and a relaxed environment, the Appeak Poker App gives you a chance to learn the game before staking real money. In comparison to other flashy apps, Appeak poker doesn’t request you repeatedly to buy more chips. You can play with a 4-color deck or customize your avatar the way you want to. The app is lighting fast by virtue of simple graphics, which is much better than other complicated iPhone apps.

Poker Central

Popularly known as the Netflix of Poker, the Poker Central allows you to watch poker on demand. This app is available for a wide variety of platforms, and is just perfect for iPhone users. This is the greatest background sound you can get for hosting a home-game. There are some really good programs, which includes their original programming like the Aria Super High Roller Series.