Top Tips for Playing Online Pai Gow

Top Tips for Playing Online Pai Gow
Nov 28, 2016 NEWS

Pai Gow is basically a unique modification of the Poker game which is nothing but a combination of an ancient Chinese domino game and the Poker. However, once you understand the underlying concept and rules, it becomes easy to play Pai Gow. Here are a few essentials tips to improve your Pai Gow game-play.

Have Good Knowledge About the Rules

Needles to say, but this is one of the most important pre-requisites if you are looking to enhance your Pai Gow gaming strategy for better chances of winning. Unless you know the rules thoroughly, you won’t be able to hit that winning streak. First, you should start learning the basics to play poker. After that, Pai Gow will be easier to grab.

Playing as The Banker

This is a crucial move for those looking to play the bank. Caution must be taken while doing the same, since the banker position is the most important of all. Make sure you have enough funds to play with, and keep in mind that a banker has greater odds of winning than any other player. Always go for a bigger bet when playing as the banker.

Dividing 2 Pairs

Having a couple of pairs can be advantageous for you as you have an opportunity to minimize the house edge and divide the pairs in a couple of winning hands. Choose to play the higher pair as a 2-card hand. Try to grab the methods associated with playing two or three pairs, and experiment in the free-play time, when you don’t have to stake real money.

Equal Attention on The Hands

Most of the players neglect the 2-card hand and try hard to build a strong 5-card hand. They need to understand that winning requires equal attention on both of their hands so that they are stronger than their opponents. Expert players always maintain the balance and that’s the reason why they roll high stakes with confidence.

No Full House in Pai Gow

In the regular poker game, full house may be considered as a good hand, but in Pai Gow opting for full house is not a smart choice.  In case you are dealt with one, break it up and try to make a strong couple of hands. Full house will only leave your 2-card hand in a no-man’s land.

Make Use of The House Way

It’s quite easy to get confused in the initial game-play of Pai Gow. That is the time when you are not sure about the arrangement of hands. In such a situation, one should make use of the House Way for automatic arrangement with the best possible combinations.

Three of A Kind

Three of a kind is a good move when you are playing the 5-card hand, but make sure you are not splitting it. However, if you have 3 aces, you can go for splitting in order to form a strong 2-card hand by having a pair of aces. This will allow you to build a couple of strong hands, which can make all the difference.