VideoSlots announce new and improved Casino Races

VideoSlots announce new and improved Casino Races
Mar 2, 2017 NEWS

The VideoSlots Casino continues to thrill and amazing the online casino industry by expanding its offerings on-site to more than 1890 different games - and now it has also improved one of its oldest institutions too in The Casino Race!

The Casino Races have been part of the VideoSlots Casino since October 2012 where players do battle with each other just by playing their favourite games on-site and as they do so they collect points.

Players earn one point for each spin they make between €0.20 and €1, two points for spins of between €1.01 and €2 and three points for every spin of €2.01 or greater. The more points that are collected each week, the higher the players go and the bigger and better prizes they can secure for themselves.

The prize pools for the weekly races have steadily grown to see the people at the VideoSlots Casino awarding a massive €50,000 per week to players at the start of 2017 with 4,864 players claiming a prize each and every week on-site.

However, this is old news as the VideoSlots Casino is proud to announce that while the majority of things have stayed the same with The Casino Races on-site, there have been some big improvements in the amount of cash paid out each week and how many winners there will be. The weekly prize pool for this most popular of promotions is now a massive €60,000 and, at 5,495 players winning in every Casino Race from now onwards, another 631 players will secure themselves a cash prize each and every week!

The new top prize in the weekly Casino Races will now be €500, so do believe that you have what it takes to win one of these new and improved battles? Visit the VideoSlots Casino today and spin your hardest to fight for top spot!