Who Are The Big Winners At The 2017 Cash Game Festival Gibraltar

Who Are The Big Winners At The 2017 Cash Game Festival Gibraltar
Jun 9, 2017 NEWS

The Cash Game Festival was conceptualized in the year 2014 in the nation of Estonia and after a couple of successful years with gaming events, the event went live in the international arena in 2016. It kicked off at Aspers Casino in London, pursued by Casino Malta, with the third stop being Sunny Beach’s Platinum Casino. The year ended with a tour to Tallin at Olympic Park Casino.

The festival is more than just a game of Poker. The players enjoy in the festive mood with whale-watching boat trip, pool party, late night DJs, a fancy dinner, trip to the Rock of Gibraltar and lots more on offer. All this is possible because of the passionate people behind the event, who make sure everyone is entertained. The 5-day live events offer 24/7 cash games featuring online broadcasts from TV tables set up in host casinos.

The proceedings for 2017 have already started and the 4th live event in Gibraltar is already over.  Spiced up with intense competitions, fierce partying and fine dining, a few lucky ones made it to the end.  It was a huge success as they beat Casino Sunborn’s record of most cash game tables running simultaneously. Records were created and shattered in this high octane event.

The 2nd day of the Festival saw a new record, when 7 cash game tables were happening simultaneously in the casino. With previous record being 6, it broke out to be 8 this year, with more records to follow. Ryan Davey from UK was the big winner on the early feature table, prior to joining the commentator Brandon Allen for the whole stream on the late feature tables dominated by Rysstad.

Knut Rysstad from Norway almost created a new record winning nearly £2,000 on a £1/£2 no-limit hold'em event. This was the televised feature table on 5th Day of the festival. In comparison to other players, this was the most on the table, making him the biggest winner 3 times on the table during the cash game festival. This feat has been achieved only once when Federico Drassich from Italy reached the same milestone in the same event, but at a different location of Slovenia in March 2017 at Perla Casino.

For a moment, it looked like a new record would be set on the 5th Day feature table, as he was back and forth with John Garratt, who is a keen follower of Cash Game Festival stream. However, he pulled back late after winning a huge hand. Rysstad came terribly close to setting a new record. He won a big pot, just a handful of hands after the stream concluded with some new players on the table.

While all the attention was focused on feature table during the festival, serious and recreational players alike were able to actively participate in cash game action throughout the week in a variety of variants, including Sviten Special, pineapple open-face Chinese poker, ROE (round of each of PLO & NLHE), pot-limit Omaha and no-limit hold’em.