Why Do Asian Players Love Baccarat

Why Do Asian Players Love Baccarat
Jun 9, 2017 NEWS

Poker and Blackjack have dominated the gaming scenario in Las Vegas for decades, but Baccarat has ruled the hearts of Asian players with a big influence on the gambling landscape, overshadowing all the other games. There is some special appeal about this game, which is hard to match. Here is why Baccarat is so popular among the Asian players:

Simple Game With Big Winnings On Offer

Asian players enjoy playing this game, because it’s not heavily biased in the favor of casino, with an house edge of only 1.24%. Popularity of baccarat has extended beyond the boundaries, especially because it’s a simple game easy to understand and play, with no skill or strategy involved. It is treated as a game of fortune, rather than skill, introducing some fascinating superstitions to the world of gambling.

The Superstitious Belief of Lucky Number 8

Macau is one of the Asian regions that has become a mecca for casino players, with many casinos scattered across. Players can be seen soaring around Baccarat tables, keen to test their luck in what they believe to be a game of fate. Asian players have unique play methods, with some fueled by cultural appreciations, while others being entirely superstitious.  The number 8 is considered to be lucky by many Chinese players, since the word eight in Chinese means prosper or wealth, which is held in highest regards. If the player or banker has 8 or 9 combination after first deal, they win the hand.

Best Odds Of Winning

This is one of the most essential factors that contribute to the popularity of Baccarat among Asian players. The low house edge makes it easier for the players to play with confidence and win big! While most table games have a house edge between 3 to 5 percent, Baccarat has a meagre 1.24% house edge when betting against the house, and 1.06 statistical disadvantage on a banker bet. Lower house edge means better chances of winning a hand.

Statistical disadvantage on the lower side makes it an extremely popular game in the high-stakes rooms of both Macau and Las Vegas, where players look to boost their bankroll. Given the opulent nature of the game and lower house edge, brick and mortar casinos reserve table for high-stakes betting, although many casinos are now adding them to the normal gaming floor. Many online casino sites offer easily accessible Baccarat games.

Asian Casinos Provide Easy Access To This Game

For both low-stakes and high-stakes players, there are a number of top-rated online casinos offering Baccarat games. Online baccarat is easier to access for Asian players, since they are not kept secluded in VIP rooms, disliked by them.

As a matter of fact, more than 90% of casino income in Macau has come from this straightforward, fast paced game, according to gaming bureau. They generally play the variant punto banco, which is reminiscent of baccarat played in North America. Since the game is purely based on luck, superstitious players in Macau have an intimate liking for the game’s nature. According to them, one can only emerge a winner by luck and not by strategies or skills.