You May Have Been Playing These Blackjack Hands Wrongly All Your Life

You May Have Been Playing These Blackjack Hands Wrongly All Your Life
Feb 9, 2017 NEWS

Without doubt, blackjack is one of the most popular table games both in terms of online platforms and land based settings. Just like any other casino, there are certain rules to be followed, if you are looking to win against the house. Casinos make a major portion of their money from those who play wrong hands, especially when it comes to blackjack. Some of these common mistakes include:

Player 9 and 9 vs. the Dealer’s 9

When the dealer has a small card, it is quite reasonable to split nines, but what should be your move, when you are dealt with a 9 from the other side as well? Majority of players think twice before splitting their 9s, especially when the dealer also holds it. If you do some mathematics, you’ll come to know that getting stuck at 18, with the dealer holding 9 upcard gives you only 8 winning chances out of 20. If you split nines, you have a chance to win one and a half times more against the dealer’s 9.

12 vs. 3

It is taken by convention that you shouldn’t hit when the dealer has a weak upcard and you have a stiff hand. However, you need to check the percentages in the case of 12 vs 3. Looking at your 12, there are 5 cards of 17 to 21 that will keep you in the safe zone, while four cards including the jack, ten, king and queen can bust you. On the hand, the dealer has lesser chances of busting with a 3 than a 4 or 5. So in 12 vs 3 condition, best play is to hit that hand,

16 Dealt against the Dealer’s 10

This is a bad hand that puts in you in a losing situation, no matter what. However, instead of going mad over this, the best thing you can do here is to surrender. This way you lose 50 percent of your bet, which is much better than what you may lose if you choose not to surrender.  In case you don’t have the option to surrender, hit your 16 to be in a better position. If 3 or more cards make up your 16, you have a few low cards already, making the odds slip somewhat.

Player’s 18: Hit or Stand?

It’s a common misconception that having an 18 is good enough, and one should always stand to it. In case you are holding a soft 18, you have an out, which is to be hit. If you stand in that condition, you’ll probably win only 8 out of 20 times, compared to 9 out of 20 hands, when you hit.

Player’s 8 & 8 against the Dealer’s 10

This hand is wrongly played by many blackjack players, given the belief that the dealer holding a strong upcard is already in a losing position with a pair of 8s. In case, they choose to split, they might lose two bets. No doubt this is the worst hand to be dealt with, but if your 16 has a pair of 8 , you should split them, which gives you a chance to start with an 8, and a winning chance of 38%, as compared to 23 in the earlier case.